Standout Signage For Verizon Wireless

What We Did

Partnered with Brand Active, CA & Gruskin Group, NJ to assist in sign guidelines for the largest wireless communication provider in the US, Verizon. We engaged early to have an opportunity to show how they could retain their logos original colors with a new logo/font. They looked to increase their brand by selecting the proper sign components and have a consistent brand nationally at over 10,000 locations


We needed to provide solutions to concerns about their visibility in their signage that would be applied to their corporate offices and retail space that would have a variation of background colors. They were looking for options to get the brightness needed while creating a contrast to the building light or dark color scheme for retail spaces and corporate campus


For their low-profile letters (3” deep) they were looking for an LED solution that would work without creating “hot spots”. The looked for an option to the typical high gloss white acrylic that is commonly used in the sign market for their white faces. They saw the need for black faces to contrast light color facades in various markets


Plaskolite-Optix 7328LD white non-glare for their white letters. 2406LD w.3M Poppy Red translucent vinyl for the “check”. Plaskolite 2406LD diffuser behind 3M dual color black for optimal brightness and avoiding “hot spots”


Sloanled Prism 6500K was selected for their white letters and Prism Red mini for the Verizon “check”. Prism 6500K was used behind the 2406LD & black dual color film .


A very impactful sign family that is known as some of the brightest cleanest looking letter sets in the sign industry. With a new brand, increased brightness created strong brand awareness this increased visibility and business to their “brick & mortar” retail space.