Announcing the Behind The Brand Newsletter

October 1, 2020

Davis Marketing Associates, Inc. (DMA), is pleased to announce the launch of our online industry newsletter, BEHIND THE BRAND. As industry leaders, we are excited to share informative monthly updates, interesting articles and news, product trends, upcoming events and more.

DMA brings over 100 years of combined, diverse experience and provides a crucial link between product manufacturers, distributors and the ecosystem of designers, fabricators, printers, and end users in the display, architectural sign, exhibition, and printing community.

Did you know?

  • DMA’s National Specification division continues to grow and provide greater opportunities for the manufacturers we represent and the customers we work with.
  • Our broad base of business relationships developed over the many years enables us to be an effective connector of product resources and solutions. 
  • Our diversity of market experience and products continues to prove successful in linking of customer needs with product solutions.
  • Introducing new & innovative technology in lighting, substrates, adhesives & print media

During the pandemic, DMA strived to assist our partners in recognizing opportunities and provide them with the diversity for sustainability and growth. Today, we are staying ahead of the latest trends with up-to date information, education, and consulting to ensure project success.

Many companies today are heavily invested in COVID-19 product fulfillment such as Safety Barriers for schools, restaurants, and offices becoming what is being referred to as “the new normal”. We are working diligently to meet this demand in the best way possible. The next generation of barrier products for instance, will include enhancements such as Plaskolite’s AMGARD. This transparent sheet is formulated with a silver ion antimicrobial agent which protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth.

Of paramount importance is the road ahead and focusing on a strategy that will allow us to sustain and grow once the pandemic has subsided. Legacy business is coming back but not at a pace commensurate with the decline of the pandemic. Therefore, we are working with our strategic partners to focus and identify emerging growth markets what will take us through 2021 and beyond.

We hope you will subscribe to receive and enjoy the Behind the Brand newsletter, please click the link below.


Please feel free to email us with your feedback and any suggestions for future topics and events. As always, please reach out to DMA for any of your project needs. Be Safe.

Ken Davis CPMR, President

(201) 848 9537