An Introduction to Davis Marketing Associates

Davis Marketing would like to thank all of our manufacturers, fabricators, distributors and designers who have helped make is a success these last thirty years. We would like to provide to you the first glimpse of the rollout of a new communication program that will keep you up to date with exciting new trends and products in the market. This program will include a new web site, e-blasts and additional educational information.

Who is Davis Marketing?
We live in an exciting and rapidly changing environment where new materials, methods and processes arrive on the scene monthly. For companies to succeed today they need a partner that can provide up to date information and manage the communication between manufacturing, distribution, fabrication and the end user.

Davis Marketing provides a crucial link between product manufacturers, distributors and the ecosystem of designers, fabricators, printers, and end users in the display, architectural sign, exhibition and printing community. The company was founded in 1982 at a time when the sign and graphics industry was expanding from a craft based practice to a technology driven industry. Industry knowledge was still limited and we built our business by staying ahead of the latest trends and providing up-to-date information, education and consulting to ensure project success.

Contact Davis Marketing and find out how we can help you with a new project or just to find out the latest information on material innovation.

The Revolution in Large Format Graphics

Kevin Rourke of Davis Marketing was profiled by a new publication by the International Sign Association on large format graphics. An excerpt of his interview is below. For the full document go to

It is an exciting world for digital printing with the literal reinvention of existing ways of working. The biggest change has been the introduction of durable white curable inks for flatbed printing. This allows the creation of a second surface for a wide variety of materials at a much higher resolution. Even more significant is the combination of laser etching and printing, either to remove materials or provide another layer to graphics. Additional processes like thermoforming and embossing to acrylic provide a similar effect. The result is an application on multiple surfaces and dimensioned effects.

The world for vinyl and fabrics graphics is changing completely, from a medium for wallpaper and surface graphics that reinvent interior and exterior spaces. The biggest issues preventing these innovations from finding practical use is education. The design community needs to be aware of the applications for use in all these approaches. Sign fabricators and material manufacturers have to get much more aggressive with introducing new approaches.