Our core mission is to educate the vast community of designers, specifiers, fabricators, and distributors. Our three lead consultants have over 100 years of industry experience, and can inform on the latest innovations and application best practices, and put them in context by showing how they can lead to greater efficiency and expanded opportunities.

Innovation is a two-way street.  Manufacturers are constantly learning from their customers on product need as a result of a changing marketplace and manufacturers providing new materials on their product advances. We provide the communications between these two groups which creates new opportunities for innovation.


Critical to our success are our channel partners who provide the global efficiency that makes large scale distribution possible. We are able to advise on the best possible channels that link raw material to final application, and take advantage of this knowledge for growth and sustainability.


Image counts in the selection of products. For designers, specifiers and end users
planning regional to large scale global rollouts image counts in the selection of products. Davis Marketing is a consultant to national manufacturers to provide marketing expertise for dissemination of material information. We consult on how products and technologies can best be applied.

Davis Marketing helped us transition our project from neon to dynamic LED while utilizing the best plastic substrates for the job. We were amazed by the results. With their assistance the new illumination reduced energy costs and enhanced our brand image.