Supporting a Marketing Campaign

Facilitated the development of a printed image protective masking which became part of the company’s marketing campaign.

Reducing Production Costs    

Provided a custom sheet size of acrylic thereby benefiting the end user by eliminating waste and thereby reducing costs. 

Increasing Productivity               

Worked on a manufacturing process with a sign builder which resulted in increased productivity and enabled them to meet tight deadlines.

Improving Quality                        

Solved display manufacture’s problems of laser cutting which resulted in superior results and increased throughput.



Reducing Supply Expense 

Made specific recommendations to a display manufacturer on reducing ink costs when using their flatbed printer which saved thousands of dollars.

Recommending New Innovations

Evaluated the customer’s signage needs and specified a range of material options using the most current technology that optimized results.

Improving Design Specifications

Enhanced a current design for an existing end user which provided brighter illumination and stronger image.

Enhancing Brand Image              

Worked with National Store Chains in using the most current material and printing technologies to enhance their image.


DMA is a company that is proud to support the brands of the company's we represent. To meet the highest standards we:

  • Do not promote / represent competing manufacturers
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality
  • Only provide information in the best interest of our customers
  • Look toward fostering a long term commitment with the people we partner with
  • Advise our customers’ on feedback from the community.